FormsViewer: Documentation



FormsViewer Installation

  • Office 365: FormsViewer Application & Installation Guide: Document
  • SharePoint On Premise: FormsViewer On-Premise Application & Installation Guide: Document
  • FormsViewer On Premise IIS Web Site Configuration: Document
  • FormsViewer On-Premise Database Configuration: Document
  • Deploying FormsViewer On Premise for Use with SharePoint 365: Document 

Configure Links in the Library to Open in FormsViewer

How FormsViewer Works

  • Reuse Existing InfoPath Forms: Video
  • Add Missing Functionality: Video
  • Extend Your Solution: Video
  • Extract Data for Reporting in Power BI: Video

Getting Started with FormsViewer

  • Create a Basic Form from Scratch and use it in FormsViewer: Document

Basic Form Features:

Design Your Forms:

Secure Your Forms:

Extend your Forms with Powerful Features:

  • Reusable Template Part: Training Lab, Video
    • Change History
    • Attachment Upload
    • Dynamic Data Connections
    • Suggestion Boxes
    • Admin Section with form logic debug history
  • Automatically Logout Inactive Users: Video
  • Calculate Time Across Time Zones: Video
  • Automatically Save Forms - But, only if they change: Video
  • Survey Types and Solutions for SharePoint Online: Video
  • Auto-Save Forms after Inactive Interval: Video