Now available in the Qdabra Forms!

Install the latest Qdabra Forms today and start using with your forms

Forms Designer provides core designer features to get you started with maintaining your form templates on the web:

  • Launch the designer from FormsViewer and save back with a single click – No downloading/uploading!
  • View editing
    • Add input controls and text (e.g. textboxes, dropdowns, etc.)
    • Modify control properties (e.g. height, width, margins, padding, etc.)
  • Add fields and groups
  • Add and edit rules on fields
  • XTPs - Dynamic Data Connections is included by default
  • We plan to ship more features in FormsDesigner 1.0 this summer.

Quick Start Instruction:

SharePoint Online Customers

  1. Install our latest Qdabra Forms
  2. Follow the included instructions to upload the app to your app catalog, install it in one of your SharePoint sites, and open the app
  3. Upload a template, click the Design button, and you’re ready to go!

SharePoint On-Prem Customers and Non-SharePoint Customers

  • We are planning to release FormsDesigner Beta to on-prem customers in approximately one month. Please let us know you are interested in previewing the Designer, and we will let you know when it’s ready for you.

What's New?

Version 3.1.3


  • Usability improvements
    • Auto-focus field/group name textbox when adding new fields and groups.
    • Visual improvements for action rules.
  • UI fixes
    • Disable ribbon and show it as gray when adding new fields/groups.
    • Prevent field information and Cancel/Done button from scrolling off the bottom of the data source tree pane.
    • Prevent field selection dialog from extending past bottom of the screen.
  • Bug fixes
    • <xsf:xmlToEdit> elements in the form manifest were being duplicated under certain circumstances.

Version 3.1.1


  • Bug fixes
    • Text in table cells doesn't load properly in certain cases.
    • Dropdown boxes with (a) items from a secondary data source and (b) disable rules can cause view load to fail.

Version 3.1


  • New control types
    • Can now add Rich Text, Picture Attachment, and Calculated Value controls.
  • View control settings
    • Set margins and padding on Section controls
    • Set margins, padding, and screentips on Calculated Value controls
  • Support for adding more field types:
    • Decimal
    • True/False
    • Date and Time
    • Time
    • Picture or File Attachment
    • Hyperlink
    • Rich Text
  • Bug fixes
    • Improved handling of margin and padding values - more consistency with InfoPath.
    • Newly added Whole Number and Date fields were previously created as required fields. Now new element-type fields will be non-required.

Version 2.2.1


  • Usability improvements
    • New Refresh Columns button in SharePoint List Connection wizard. Useful if you add new columns to your list while working on a form.
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed issue with generation of schema files for required Choice columns and multi-person columns in SharePoint lists.
    • Fixed issue where editing a view with a filtered repeating table would break the view.

Version 2.2


  • New XTP: DBXL
  • People Pickers:
    • Add Person fields to forms' main data source
    • Add people pickers to form views
    • Modify people pickers' Allow Multiple Selections and People Only/People and Groups options
  • Modify/set form publish locations
    • Allows publishing promoted properties to a new location
  • Usability improvements
    • Auto-focus editable areas so you can start typing without an extra click:
      • XPath editor dialog
      • Rule names on new rules and rules that still have their default name
      • Add SharePoint Mapping dialog
    • Confirm the XPath editor dialog with the Enter key

Version 2.1


  • Dropdowns
    • Configure dynamic dropdowns to display selection options from a data source
    • Edit values in static dropdowns more easily
  • Layout tables
    • Add new rows and columns to layout tables
  • Buttons
    • Improved consistency of button default appearance.
    • Fixed issue where long button labels would wrap in the view editor.
    • Fixed issue with setting buttons' width to auto.
  • Improved app layout to resolve issues with ribbon content wrapping on certain browser configurations.
  • List forms
    • Prevent editing of list form main connections, choice connections, and lookup connections, to prevent form breakage.
  • sampledata.xml template files
    • Improved generation of sampledata.xml for XML file data connections.
    • Addresses issues with using the Insert command on XML file connections and backward compatibility issues with InfoPath Designer.
  • Bug fixes
    • Issue where main schema would break when adding new fields to a form that has required text fields.

Version 1.2


  • Scrolling Regions and their contents are now shown in the view canvas.
  • Correctly handle multiline textboxes' Scrolling settings across loading and saving.

Version 1.1


  • Features
    • Form templates' sampledata.xml files are now updated when the main data source changes.
      • This is needed in order for the qRules Insert command and the field pickers in DBXL's DAT to function correctly.
  • Bug fixes
    • Issues with handling of repeating tables and combo boxes that could cause form breakage.
    • Issue where forms that used certain XPath functions could break if modified in the Designer.
    • Rule condition editor dialogs were showing the conditions from other rules under certain circumstances.
    • Improved handling of unbound controls.

Version 1.0


  • FormsDesigner is now bundled with FormsViewer

Version 0.19


  • Specify screentips on the following controls
    • Sections
    • Textboxes
    • Date Pickers
    • Checkboxes
    • Option (Radio) Buttons

Version 0.18


  • Dynamic DCs XTP update: →

Version 0.17


  • Add repeating fields and groups to the main data source

Version 0.16


  • Add and modify formatting rules
  • Add repeating sections to views

Version 0.15


  • Add new SharePoint List connections
  • Add new XML File/REST connections
  • View full data source structure for SOAP data sources that require sample data (QueryDB, GetDocument)

Version 0.14


  • Edit SharePoint list connections
  • Edit XML File/REST connections
  • Add new SharePoint Library Submit connections

Version 0.13


  • Edit and publish templates' promoted properties
  • Add new SharePoint mapping files

Version 0.12


  • Edit SharePoint mappings
  • Edit templates' promoted properties (partially functional)
  • Button for inserting field paths into XPaths
  • Manage Templates link on app menu

Version 0.11


  • Add new views
  • Modify Submit to SharePoint Library connections
  • View details about other types of data connections

Version 0.10


  • Modify height and width of Section and Repeating Section controls
  • Modify widths of table columns
  • Add file attachment controls

Version 0.9


  • Add layout tables to views
  • Add section controls to views
  • Change view backgrounds - color, image, alignment
  • Add and edit Form Load rules
  • Convert units when changing units of margins and padding
  • Copy XPath button

Version 0.8


  • Allow using auto as units in control width, height, and padding
  • Resource files - view a list of the form's resource files and add/update them
  • Set the pictures on picture buttons and static images
  • Add new picture buttons
  • Bug fixes

Version 0.7


  • qRules Injector
  • Move rules and rule actions up and down
  • Edit rules on picture buttons
  • Fixes
    • More control dimension editing improvements
    • Fix issues with setting properties on controls that have formatting rules
    • Allow using auto for control dimensions
    • Edit calculated value formulas and dynamic text on buttons
    • Set height and width on picture buttons

Version 0.6


  • Add and modify rules on buttons
  • Improved modification of control dimensions - use units other than pixels
  • Support for most rule action types:
    • Switch views
    • Submit
    • Query
    • Close the form
    • Show the value of a formula
    • Show a message
    • (New!) Run a qRules command
  • View stability fixes

Version 0.5


  • Initial release
  • Template loading and saving
  • View editing
    • Add input controls and text:
      • Textboxes
      • Dropdowns
      • Checkboxes
      • Radio buttons
      • Date pickers
      • Buttons
      • Edit text formatting (font size, color, etc.)
    • Read-only display of tables, sections, repeating tables, people pickers
  • Modify control properties
    • Height, width, margins, padding
    • Dropdown selection options
    • Button text
    • Radio/checkbox checked/unchecked values
    • Textbox read-only/multiline
  • Add fields and groups
    • Data types: text, whole number, date
  • Add and edit rules on fields
    • Add and edit "Set a field's value" actions
  • XTPs and XTP instructions
    • Built-in Dynamic Data Connections XTP
  • upgrade.xsl generation
  • "About FormsDesigner" dialog