Now available!

Install the beta today and start using with your forms

This release provides core designer features to get you started with maintaining your form templates on the web:

  • Launch the designer from FormsViewer and save back with a single click – No downloading/uploading!
  • View editing
    • Add input controls and text (e.g. textboxes, dropdowns, etc.)
    • Modify control properties (e.g. height, width, margins, padding, etc.)
  • Add fields and groups
  • Add and edit rules on fields
  • XTPs - Dynamic Data Connections is included by default
  • We plan to ship more features in FormsDesigner 1.0 this summer.

Quick Start Instruction:

SharePoint Online Customers

  1. Download our install package here
  2. Follow the included instructions to upload the Forms Beta app to your app catalog, install it in one of your SharePoint sites, and open the app
  3. Upload a template, click the Design button, and you’re ready to go!

SharePoint On-Prem Customers and Non-SharePoint Customers

  • We are planning to release FormsDesigner Beta to on-prem customers in approximately one month. Please let us know you are interested in previewing the Designer, and we will let you know when it’s ready for you.

What's New?

Version 0.7

releasing soon

  • qRules Injector
  • Move rules and rule actions up and down
  • Edit rules on picture buttons
  • Fixes
    • More control dimension editing improvements
    • Fix issues with setting properties on controls that have formatting rules
    • Allow using auto for control dimensions
    • Edit calculated value formulas and dynamic text on buttons
    • Set height and width on picture buttons

Version 0.6


  • Add and modify rules on buttons
  • Improved modification of control dimensions - use units other than pixels
  • Support for most rule action types:
    • Switch views
    • Submit
    • Query
    • Close the form
    • Show the value of a formula
    • Show a message
    • (New!) Run a qRules command
  • View stability fixes

Version 0.5


  • Initial release
  • Template loading and saving
  • View editing
    • Add input controls and text:
      • Textboxes
      • Dropdowns
      • Checkboxes
      • Radio buttons
      • Date pickers
      • Buttons
      • Edit text formatting (font size, color, etc.)
    • Read-only display of tables, sections, repeating tables, people pickers
  • Modify control properties
    • Height, width, margins, padding
    • Dropdown selection options
    • Button text
    • Radio/checkbox checked/unchecked values
    • Textbox read-only/multiline
  • Add fields and groups
    • Data types: text, whole number, date
  • Add and edit rules on fields
    • Add and edit "Set a field's value" actions
  • XTPs and XTP instructions
    • Built-in Dynamic Data Connections XTP
  • upgrade.xsl generation
  • "About FormsDesigner" dialog