Since 2003, Qdabra Software specializes in electronic forms and web services that can help you automate your data collection processes to save money and increase business knowledge. Using off-the-shelf technologies, Qdabra provides a variety of consulting, tools and hosting services to meet various business needs. We can find a solution for your data gathering challenges.

Our talented team will work with you to understand your business needs and develop solutions that meet your objectives.

Meet The Team

Patrick Halstead
Chief Project Manager

Patrick worked at Microsoft for 11 years and was lead developer for Microsoft InfoPath 2003. He founded Qdabra in 2003 with the goal of helping businesses adopt this revolutionary forms technology. At Qdabra, Patrick develops new products, manages consulting projects and product sales, while trying to explain the concept of the Dyson sphere to his team.

Hilary Stoupa
Lead Software Engineer

Hilary graduated from Whitman College with a bachelor's degree in English Literature. She later found her true passion as a business process analyst for a global manufacturing company, creating custom solutions for internal customers with an emphasis on streamlining and standardization. At Qdabra, Hilary spends most of her time developing solutions, managing the community forum, and trying to get her coworkers to laugh at her jokes.

James Rishe
Lead Software Engineer

Jimmy has a degree in Computer Engineering from Columbia University. He began his career as a software engineer, and since discovering InfoPath he has spent most of his time architecting web service and SQL database solutions for InfoPath solutions. When he’s not coding, Jimmy indulges his love of languages: he is fluent in English, Japanese and C#, and proficient in French and Italian.

Kaoru Okumura
Lead Software Engineer

Kaoru holds a MS in Mathematics, and worked for 10 years at Microsoft as a program manager, and many years at IBM Tokyo Research Lab as an advisory researcher. She led natural language related research and products including Japanese search and proofing tools. At Qdabra, Kaoru focuses her time on form development and designing interfaces for SharePoint sites.

Don Stephen Frac
Support Engineer

Don holds a bachelor's degree in Information Technology from AMA Computer University. Prior to joining the team, he worked as a Support Manager for an international company which has published several online game titles in India, Brazil, and the Philippines. At Qdabra, Don assists with creating InfoPath forms, bug testing, and documentation.

Mel Clemente
Forms Designer

Born and raised in the Philippines, Mel graduated from the Mapua Institute of Technology and holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering. She has been involved in different fields such as web marketing, blogging, research, technical remote assistance, etc. At Qdabra, Mel spends most of her time creating beautiful forms for our consulting customers.

Jo-Anne Tandaan
Software Test Engineer

Jo-Anne has been a part of the Qdabra team for more than 5 years. As a Software Tester, she is responsible for ensuring the quality of our products and tools. She explores our software, oversees the testing efforts and documentation necessary to complete any project. Outside work, Jo-Anne participates in a volunteer program which aims to help others spiritually. She also recently discovered her passion in organizing events, and loves creating programs and activities her friends and family enjoys.

Kervi Laborte
Customer Support Lead

Kervi graduated from Asia Pacific College in Manila where she studied Computer Science. After several years working at a technology firm as a SAP consultant, she now joins Qdabra where she manages support work and is always on the lookout for ways to improve our internal forms and processes to make a better experience for the team. When not working, she loves to read articles in JW.org and concentrates on her endless quest to simplifying her life and becoming a minimalist.