FormsViewer: a reusable framework
for the future of your business forms

Step #1: Upload Forms

InfoPath form works as FormsViewer form as is

FormsViewer starts from your existing InfoPath forms. No changes needed. That means no migration nor retraining cost for your staff. Maintain the investment you have made.

Step #2: Add Features

You can extend your forms with 60 powerful new commands. For example:

Mobilize existing forms with responsive, dynamic layout
Save attachments to document libraries
Generate PDF copies of your form
Create links for users to open externally and approve

Qdabra's qRules command library fills the missing feature gaps in InfoPath for today's connected forms.

Step #3. Extend Your Solution

Connect to any JSON/REST web service
Show details with overlays
Filter/focus with a dashboard

FormsViewer enables powerful new features for today’s business solutions. Connect to Web apps and services without code. Access powerful new web services to analyze images, verify users, and perform countless other activities. FormsViewer is not just an app for forms. You can build dashboards and complex applications, too, without hiring a developer.

Step #4: Create Reports

FormsViewer is a SharePoint App that integrates with lists, libraries (modern UI), and enables reporting via PowerBI and Excel so that you can build end-to-end solutions.

Extract repeating data to lists
Create report in PowerBI

Using FormsViewer’s Submit To SharePoint List command, you can extract repeating data to multiple lists to categories data across submissions.

Step #5: Scale Up Forms Processes with DBXL

In conjunction with Qdabra’s DBXL Web Service, FormsViewer supports highly scalable data collection. Whether it’s 100, 1000, or 10,000 submits per hour, FormsViewer and DBXL handle your business process needs.

Map data to SQL database
Connect Excel to database tables


Customer Stories

“We moved our forms over and started using them in the first week.”
“I was able to switch over very quickly and its worked great ever since”
“FormsViewer gives you space to create.”
“FV has become our Go-To solution for web based forms”
“a much more enjoyable experience”
provided by Qdabra for your quick transition from InfoPath!