FormsViewer: History

2022-11-16 - Version 7.4 released

  • New feature: Environment Variables
    • Use the new Manage Environment Variables page to store configuration values and then access them within your forms using the GetEnvironmentVariable command.
    • Very useful when creating forms to use in multiple environments (QA/Prod, etc.) or when you have configuration values to use in multiple forms.
      • Greatly reduces the need for form logic to switch between multiple environments, and allows updating config values without modifying all of your templates.
  • New qRules commands
    • GetEnvironmentVariable - See above
    • AdjustDbxlConnections
      • Allows repointing all of a form's DBXL connections to a new URL and setting all of their UserKey values.
      • Useful when migrating forms to a new DBXL instance or when creating forms that switch between multiple DBXL instances.
      • Reduces hassle of adding form rules to set UserKey values on all of your data connections.
      • Takes advantage of new Environment Variables feature for increased ease-of-use and easy maintenance.
  • View improvements
    • FormsViewer now supports the read-only setting on File Attachment controls (i.e. when "Allow the user to browse, delete, and replace files" is unchecked in the control properties).
      • Controls with this setting will now allow downloading files, but not adding, deleting, or replacing them.
  • List forms
    • Improved support for submitting to multi-choice columns.

2022-07-15 - Version 7.3 released

  • FormsDesigner 1.1
  • Manage Credentials
    • Can now specify credentials for specific SharePoint lists.
    • Also possible to specify that certain lists should be queried anonymously instead of as the current user — useful when you want to limit permissions to a list but still query it from a form.
  • Bug fixes
    • Issue with display of People Picker search button on certain versions of Safari.

2022-04-29 - Version 7.2 released

  • FormsViewer includes the new FormsDesigner!
    • Access it from the Design button on any template's Upload Template page.
    • You can access the old Designer with the Design (Legacy) button.

2022-04-15 - Version 7.1 released

  • New list query implementation
    • SharePoint List query connections can now use modern SharePoint APIs (REST) instead of legacy APIs (CSOM).
    • REST remedies the following issues:
      • Queries could fail if queried list data contained invalid user values.
      • Queries could fail when attempting to query more than 12 person columns at once.
    • Enable REST queries with the UseOption qRules command:
      • UseOption /key=listquerymode /value=rest
  • qRules commands
    • AlterImage now provides /maxwidth and /maxheight parameters to scale images proportionally.
      • Example:
        AlterImage /imagexpath=/path/to/image /maxheight=300 /maxwidth=400
        • The above command will ensure that the image is as large as possible while fitting within 300x400, maintaining its original proportions, and without scaling up.
      • You can also use /maxwidth and /maxheight individually to cap an image's size in one dimension while scaling the other dimension accordingly.

2021-10-21 - Version 6.2 released

  • Form loading performance improvements
  • Optional Sections are now supported
  • Now possible to query termsets in server-side query mode
  • Logging improvements - log more information to help troubleshoot issues
  • Accessibility improvements
    • File attachment controls and people pickers work better with screen readers.
  • New qRules command: WriteLog
    • Write to the browser console to troubleshoot form bugs and and performance.
  • Now possible to use FormsViewer in SharePoint environments without an App Domain (on-prem only)
  • Bug Fixes
    • Now showing red validation borders on checkboxes and radios with validation errors
    • Issues with adding/removing rows in repeating tables and sections
    • UDCX connections failed to initialize when using server-side queries
    • Allow using UDCX database connections (on-prem only)
    • Improve and fix issues with error handling for server-side queries ("Invalid JSON" error)
    • Forms could become unresponsive after performing many SharePoint submits in a row

2021-04-12 - Version 6.1 released

  • Accessibility improvements
    • Rich text controls, people pickers, file attachments, and picture controls are now more screen reader-friendly (guidance text and tab stops).
  • Enabling third party cookies is no longer required to query SharePoint.
    • Safari was recently changed to block third-party cookies by default, and other browsers will be following suit in the near future.
    • Uncheck the Use Client-Side Queries option on the Upload Template page to have forms query SharePoint through the FormsViewer service instead of querying SharePoint directly, and avoid the need for third-party cookies.
  • Support for disabling image controls using their Read Only property or with formatting rules
  • Bug Fixes
    • Default value formulas with the Refresh value when formula is recalculated option unchecked are now evaluated only when opening new forms.
      • Previously, they were evaluated every time a new or existing form was opened.
    • Upload Template page now updates the URL in the browser address bar after uploading a template for the first time
      • Previously, the New Template URL would remain, so sharing a link to the page would not work correctly.

2021-02-25 - Version 5.2.4 released

  • Loading animation no longer flickers.
  • SubmitToSharePointList command now supports saving attachments to list items.
  • Attachments were being saved from list forms in an incorrect format – bug fixed!
  • Faster load times
    • Form scripts and styles loaded with LoadResource are now cached.
    • Static images are now cached.

2021-01-12 - Version 5.2.3 released

  • Bug fixes
    • SharePoint library submit connections - allow preventing overwrites
      • The "Allow overwrite if form exists" option is now taken into account. The submit functionality will now prevent overwriting previously added files if this option is unchecked.
    • Improved error logging
      • Improved FormsViewer's ability to log server errors, which should help us to better diagnose unexpected issues when they happen.
  • UI changes
    • Diagnostics button moved to Upload Template page
      • The Diagnostics button, which allows viewing form compatibility warnings and other analytics, is now on the Upload Template page instead of Manage Templates.
  • qRules commands
    • GetFormProperty command - renamed Modified property (added in version 5.2.2) to LastModified

2020-12-01 - Version 5.2.2 released

  • New features and improvements
    • GetFormProperty qRules command - New properties available:
      • CurrentUrl - The current URL that's open in the browser (current form URL)
      • Modified - The date and time when the current form template was last modified
      • SharePointSiteUrl - The URL of the current SharePoint site
      • SharePointSiteCollectionUrl - The URL of the current SharePoint site collection
    • SharePoint mapping page - Columns are now listed in alphabetical order
    • Manage Templates - Can now sort several columns
    • Improvements to functionality for using OAuth as an authentication provider
  • Bug fixes
    • Formatting rules that disable textboxes should now work correctly
    • Manage Templates
      • Fixed issue where Last Uploaded dates would not always display properly
      • Fixed issue where groups would open and close when using the search box
    • addDays() - Fixed issue where result could be off by an hour due to DST
    • Upload Template - Fixed issue where user would have to reattach form template under certain circumstances where upload failed.
    • Fixed issue where list forms would fail to submit if the target list has attachments disabled

2020-09-16 - Version 5.2.1 released

  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed issue that occasionally caused a confusing error popup about "setReadOnly".
    • Fixed issue that could cause a deadlock between the loading animation overlay and the qRules Prompt popup when adding a file to a file attachment control.

2020-08-20 - Version 5.2 released

  • New Features
  • Bug Fixes
    • Saving files to SharePoint
      • Fixed a bug that prevented saving files to SharePoint in anonymous mode if the file name contained an apostrophe.
    • GetTermSetIds
      • Fixed a bug that caused this command to fail with an error.

2020-05-08 - Version 5.1 released

  • Template anonymous access is now togglable.
    • Use the checkbox on the Upload Template page to indicate whether anonymous users should be able to access a template.
    • Only those templates enabled for anonymous access will allow anonymous users.
    • For backward compatibility, all previously added templates will have anonymous access enabled by default.
  • List form changes
    • Can now specify the list item to load using the FVListItemId parameter instead of listItemId. listItemId will continue to work for the foreseeable future, but FVListItemId is recommended.
    • Can use the FVSkipItemLoad=true parameter to prevent auto-load of the specified list item.
      • When specified, the list item ID specified in FVListItemId or listItemId will be placed in the ID query field, and the item will not be automatically queried.
      • This is useful when using the same list form in multiple sites, so that you can accordingly repoint data connections before querying the list item.
  • qRules Command Changes
    • GetErrors – Fix to ensure that correct field names are included in error details. Only include first matching validation rule for each field.
    • SortTable - Fix to sort numerically when the /type parameter is number.

2020-03-25 - Version 4.2.2 released

  • Changes to accommodate new web standards and browser behavior changes that caused FormsViewer to not work properly within iframes.
    • This should also address some older issues where FormsViewer would fail to work inside an iframe.
  • Fix for certain situations where users’ SharePoint permissions prevented them from being able to use FormsViewer.
  • Significant performance improvements for RefreshSharePointListItems qRules command.
  • Fix for issue where data connections to certain SOAP web services failed to populate the form’s data sources correctly.

2019-09-19 - Version 4.2 released

    • Installing App to New Site: Approval Request No Longer Required
      • Previously, FormsViewer required Tenant-scope Social permissions to query person columns and run the GetUserProfileByName command.
      • Extra permissions meant delays while site collection admins waited for extra approval steps.
    • qRules Commands
      • GetUserProfileByName
        • Query user information from Site Users List: /source=siteusers (to remove special approval requirements on install)
          • Important: This will be the default in the next release.
          • To continue using the current method (which requires special approvals), change your commands to specify /source=profiles
          • See our how to guide for more details about how to prepare for this change.
      • DiffRichText(New)
        • Compare two rich text values and display the result with changes highlighted.
      • RenderForm
        • Specify headers and footers (e.g. page numbers) in your PDFs
        • Support for not opening in browser: /open=none
          • Important: This will be the default in the next release.
          • To continue using the current method, change your commands to specify /open=browser
    • Release Notes
    • Bug fixes
      • Person/Lookup Column query issue
        • Previously, querying lists that contained more than 12 person or lookup columns failed.
      • Rich text cursor jump issue
        • Previously, clicking in a rich text control to edit would set the cursor to the beginning under certain circumstances.

2019-06-18 - Version 4.1 released

  • Validation rules support
    • Evaluate custom validation rules and get their results
    • Includes support for GetErrors and GetErrorCount commands
    • Watch Qdabra’s 2019-05-23 webinar for details: https://youtu.be/-68pftTRkKk
  • Display date and time values in easy to read formats
  • Print from a list form
    • RenderForm command now supports /templatename and /dsname parameters
    • Create PDFs using a template other than the currently open one, or from a data source other than the main data source
  • Streamline submits to DBXL
    • SubmitToDbxl command now supports specifying a document ID on submit via /docid and /docidxpath parameters
      Note: previously, these only worked when using the /xpath parameter
  • Submit data to person columns in anonymous mode
    • SubmitToSharePointList command now supports mapping to person columns in anonymous mode
  • Various bug fixes and esoteric features …
    • Bug fixes
      • Field rules did not fire under certain circumstances
      • Rendering PDFs containing non-Latin characters
      • Multiline textboxes would shrink to a single line
    • New features
      • Use pattern matching in rule conditions
      • Add functionality to work around browser issues:
        • IE’s XML serializer produces invalid XML under certain circumstances,
        • Chrome and Firefox XML serializers cause problems for rich text controls

2018-11-21 - Version 3.21 released

  • qRules Commands
    • AlterImage: new command to support scaling images for mobile photo capture and submission
    • GetUserProfileByName: added new properties and parameter to allow querying additional user profile values (for example, WorkPhone, Location, etc.)
  • FormsViewer Designer
    • SubmitToSharePointList: fixed regression preventing adding or modifying connections via the FormsViewer Designer
    • JSON to XML converter: fixed IE issue

2018-10-24 - Version 3.2 released

  • Fixed issue where multiline textbox would fail to expand to the necessary height under certain circumstances
  • Small improvements to rule editor/data connection editors
  • Bug fixes for RefreshSharePointListItems/SubmitToSharePointList
    • Fixed issue where qRulesLastModified was not being set correctly and RefreshSharePointListItems would fail to work under certain circumstances
    • Fixed functionality to correctly detect list items that have been removed from the list and remove them from the form’s data source
  • File Attachment Controls
    • Fixed issue where browser would lock up temporarily after selecting a large file to add to an attachment control (now shows a wait animation)
    • Improved wait times when adding large files to file attachment and picture controls
  • Improved error handling
    • MakeRequest – Would produce an “Object reference not set to an instance of an object” under certain circumstances. Should now provide a more meaningful error.
    • Better error handling for view rendering
      • Previously, if the view failed to render during form load, FormsViewer would fail to load the form with a nonspecific error. If it failed while the form was in use, the user would simply not be informed of any issue.
      • Now, FormsViewer should show a more meaningful error in both cases.
    • FormsViewer now shows a meaningful error when attempting to load an invalid XML document (previously, showed nonspecific error)
  • Misc bug fixes with regard to querying SharePoint from anonymous forms
    • Now possible to query SharePoint’s REST API from anonymous forms
  • qRules improvements
    • GetDayOfYear – Fixed issue where GetDayOfYear could return a value that was off by one day if the user’s machine is in Daylight Savings Time
    • JsonToXml – Fixed issue where JSON conversion could fail if the JSON contained property names with special characters
  • Improved start page with guidance text
  • Support for Hyperlink columns in SharePoint lists (in List query connections and when submitting to lists from a List form)
  • Fixed issue where using overlays caused view switching to not work correctly

2018-06-30 FormsViewer v3.1 On Prem Released

  • On Premise installation no longer requires SharePoint

2018-04-30 - Version 3.1 released

  • Forms Designer – added features
    • Data Connections – create and edit SharePoint Library Submits and Queries
    • Resource Files – add new resource files
    • UI improvements – Mapping and Rule Editor tabs
  • File Attachments and Pictures
    • Add files or pictures via drag and drop
  • qRules Commands
    • Prompt – use a dialog to prompt users for input
    • RegisterMultiDrop – support dropping multiple file attachments
    • CreateSharePointFolder – support for creating folders multiple levels deep
    • Transform – support for storing results as a file attachment
  • People Picker
    • Usability improvements for multi-person people picker dialog
  • Data Connections – REST Query
    • Query SharePoint’s REST API using XML File or REST connections
  • Bug Fixes
    • Rich Text – tabbing out of fields duplicated contents in some cases
    • SharePoint list data connections – query Lookup columns that allow multiple selections
    • Upload Template page – navigating from a link showed error in some cases
    • Calculated Values – scrollbars were showing when Wrap Text property disabled
    • Update Form action – list forms failed to load correctly
    • Manage Templates page – open counts did not correctly increment
      • Added count to show total opens across all sites in tenancy
    • Mapping to SharePoint lists tab
      • Existing mappings were not correctly detected
      • Failed to load mappings in some cases
      • Incorrectly overwrote mapping files in some cases
    • Rule Editor tab – corrected “Don’t Run Remaining Rules” option

2018-02-28 - Update for Microsoft O365 Person Picker Change

  • Change to use different method to query users

2017-12-26 - Version 2.4 released

  • Faster loads – load times are up to 40% faster
  • Support for SharePoint List forms – download the latest FVLinks.js file to configure them
  • PDF Rendering – render PDFs in your form using qRules RenderForms command
  • People Picker gets easier to use – focus defaults to search box and search runs on enter key
  • SharePoint list person columns can now be queried – please download the latest .app file
  • Date formatting – calculated value controls now support date formatting
  • Dropdown bug fixes
    • Selecting a value from a dropdown would show the next value as selected
    • Selecting the blank option from a dropdown would show the blank option’s display text (e.g. “Select…”)
  • Rich Text Box improvements
    • Added selectors for font style and size
    • More easily adjust tables by clicking and dragging their borders
  • qRules improvements
    • CopyRichText command – fixed a bug that caused this command to fail in certain circumstances
    • ChangeConnectionUrl – redirect ShP list connections by changing site and list name (GUID no longer needed)
  • FormsViewer App improvements
    • Rule Editor – edit your form’s rules and add new rules from the browser
    • Access the new Form Designer features from the Upload Template page

US 2017-10-27 / EU 2017-11-01 – Version 2.3 released

  • Rich Text Box
    • Support for underline, superscript, and subscript
    • Change to add single line breaks on Enter key (previously, double line breaks were added)
    • Fix bug with duplicate text in Internet Explorer
    • Fix bug where tables could be invisible in certain situations
    • Fix bug when Submit clicked after editing would not save edits
  • People Picker
    • Include e-mail addresses in search results
    • Reorganize Provider dropdown to place the most commonly used Providers first
  • Data Connections
    • Support query library option to “include data for the active form only”
    • Support querying data from attachment columns
  • Tools
    • SharePoint List Mapping: support mapping form data to lists on other sites
    • New JSON ↔ XML converter and query test tool (added to qRules Builder page)
    • Manage Hrefs: fix bug where associations were not site specific
    • qRules Builder: include command descriptions and guidance text
  • qRules Commands
    • MakeRequest: fix bugs querying non-ASCII text and receiving large responses
    • GetDayOfYear: fix bug where white space before date or no date specified return NaN

2017-08-31 – Version 2.2 released

  • Manage Templates
    • Template categories and search
      • Group your templates for better organization
      • Search for a template when you don’t know what group it is in
    • Safeguards to prevent accidental template overwrites
      • More thorough version checks to ensure that you are uploading the right form
  • Date Formatting for Date Pickers
    • Customize how your dates display – great for country specific formats
  • Custom Controls Framework
    • Build custom controls with code (like signatures) that respond to user input and read-write form data
  • qRules Commands
    • DateAdd and DateDiff
      • Fixed browser-specific bugs that resulted in incorrect results
    • SubmitToSharePointlist
      • Fixed bug that prevented saving blank values on top of non-blank values in date columns
    • Reduce rule actions by specifying where the Result field gets saved in the qRules command
      • Use /resultdestds and /resultxpath to set the Result into a specific field in your form
    • New Commands!
      • GetConnectionUrl – get the URL for your data connections
      • GetAttachmentAttribute – get info about files attached to your form
      • GetDayOfYear – get the day of year for a specific date
    • Designer Baby Steps
      • Inject qRules into your form using the web interface – no local injector install!
      • Build qRules commands with an easy to use web interface
      • Build InfoPath to SharePoint list mappings right in your browser
  • SharePoint list connection fixes
    • Getting date values is now consistent with InfoPath (uses time zone of SharePoint site, not UTC)
    • Fixed bug where list connections would not work if columns’ StaticName was different from their InternalName
  • Miscellaneous
    • Fixed bug in SharePoint list connections where they would not work if columns’ StaticName was different from InternalName
    • Support for setting your rich text boxes to read-only
    • Fixed bug where switching views did not scroll to top of form
    • Fixed errors when refreshing FormsViewer forms
    • Manage Hrefs to open previously saved forms from libraries with multiple content types
    • Support for image controls that link to a URL outside the form

2017-06-09 – Version 2.12 released

  • Additional form loading time improvements
    • We have added new caching features to FormsViewer’s loading of view definitions, which means you should see an additional 1-3 second improvement in initial loading time for forms that you have used recently.
    • This also provides a 1-3 second improvement in the time to switch between views when using a form.
  • Allow querying manager data using the GetUserProfileByName qRules command (requires upgrading to the latest .app file)
  • Date pickers now allow manually editing their date value
  • Fixed issue with date pickers not showing forward/back arrows
  • Changed date handling behavior of SubmitToSharePoint to be consistent with the InfoPath/IPFS version of qRules (dates are treated as being in the timezone of the destination site)
  • Fixed issue that caused submitting to SharePoint libraries to fail for certain forms
  • Speed improvements for uploading templates to FormsViewer
  • Stability improvements to Rich Text Boxes and fixed issue that prevented rich text box edits from being stored in their corresponding field under certain circumstances
  • Improved error handling for the SubmitToSharePointList command
  • CreateSharePointFolder qRules command – create folders in SharePoint libraries 

2017-05-09 – Deployed fix for issue with form timeouts after extended use

Updated US servers to fix issue with form timeouts after extended use. On prem users contact Support@Qdabra.com to upgrade. Timeout fix coming to Europe servers on 2017-05-10

2017-04-28 – Version 2.11 released

  • Smarter client caching of static data
    • Recently used forms should open much faster
    • No lag when displaying images
    • Speed-ups for XSLT, XML and other static data sources
  • Smarter server caching of sessions
    • Fewer ~10 minute timeouts
    • Note: we have more work to do here as testing showed this was not fixed entirely

2017-04-03 – Version 2.1 released

  • Performance improvements. Form load time reduced by ~20%
  • Fix issues with date handling
    • Date pickers were switching back to a date that was one day earlier under certain circumstances
    • Textboxes and Calculated Values were showing a date one day earlier than the actual value under certain circumstances
  • Fixed limitations on the size of responses from SOAP web service requests
    • This limitation prevented loading XML documents from DBXL if they contained large attachments.
  • Allow including digit grouping symbols (commas) in formatted numbers
  • Fixed issue preventing downloading file attachments in the Edge browser
  • qRules Commands:
    • GetValue – Retrieve field values using dynamically-generated XPaths. Helpful for making data-driven form logic.
    • Copy and Move – Quickly and easily copy and move XML from one place to another, including copying it between data sources. Useful when copying information between similar documents.
  • Allow selecting month and year in date picker – allows selecting dates far in the future or past without a lot of clicks.
  • Fixed font size and font style issues with textboxes and with controls with conditional formatting applied

2016-12-22 – Version 1.3 released

  • Better organization – manage form templates by site
  • Quick intel – usage stats are displayed on the manage templates page
  • Support for large files – upload attachments > 2mb


  • CopyTable supports copying rich text
  • SharePoint Submit now handles large files (>2Mb)
  • Time controls now show 12-hour format
  • People Pickers support conditional formatting rules
  • qRules command parameters can recognize capital letters
  • Rich Text fields don’t blank when switching back and forth between views
  • SubmitToSharePointList now supports rich text

2016-11-16 – Version 1.23 released

  • SortTable command implemented
  • Data connections now can query rich text from SharePoint list connections
  • People Picker now supports querying distribution lists
  • Fixed an issue where Web service connections could fail sometimes

2016-10-31 – Version 1.22 released

  • Clone existing forms - support for querying XML across site collections
  • Performance - reduce form load times by 25-50%
  • Rich text box – reduce bulky controls
  • Date Picker issues – fix incorrect display of date
  • View spacing issues – fix layout issues

2016-09-29 – Version 1.21 released

  • Submit data from your form to one or more SharePoint lists/libraries
  • Save attachments to a document library and replace with URLs
  • Copy repeating data from a secondary data connection
  • Copy rich text from and to SharePoint
  • Pass a parameter from one form to another
  • Submit your form to separate libraries depending on form values
  • Dynamically change data connections after load so one XSN can be deployed to multiple sites (without fixup)
  • Easily integrate with Qdabra’s Azure Web service (DBXL)

2016-08-28 – Version 1.2 released

  • Faster Form Loads – ~30% faster
  • Improved dashboard with drag-and-drop publish, diagnostics, and other enhancements
  • On Prem support – SharePoint 2013 with Active Directory
  • New controls – support for Rich Text and People Picker controls (with a few limitations)
  • More qRules – additional support added for following commands
    • SubmitToSharePoint
    • CopyRichText
    • GetListGuid
    • ReplaceString
    • DelimitedList
    • ChangeSubmitUrl
    • Encrypt
    • Decrypt
    • SetXml
    • DateAdd
    • GetUserProfileByName
    • SaveToDBXL
  • Deployment tools to help automate config changes to multiple sub-sites

2016-02-20 – Version 1.12 released

  • More qRules – additional support added for following commands
    • AssignDocument
    • Encode
    • FormatNumber
    • GetWeekDay
    • LoadResource
    • SaveToSharePoint

2015-09-29 – Version 1.1 released

  • SharePoint list and library filtering
  • Web service calls
  • qRules commands – 24 qRules commands are supported.
    • DateDiff – calculate difference between two dates
    • SubmitToSharePointList / RefreshSharePointListItems – maps data to a list
    • GetInputParameter – pass data to a form via the open URL and use it on load
    • SwapDom – store forms in a database and use SwapDom to load them on open based on an input parameter
    • Transform – map a large amount of data into the form based on an XSLT transform file
    • GenerateGuid – create a unique ID for your form
    • DeleteFromSharePoint – delete files from SharePoint
    • SetValue – set a value in a table based on a filter
    • Insert – programmatically insert items into a repeating table or section (enables picture button add for rows)
    • Delete – programmatically delete items from a repeating table or section
    • and also ChangeConnectionUrl, CopyTable, GetFormProperty, GetXML, InsertPI, JsonToXml, MakeRequest, RemoveDbxlPi, RemovePi, SetCase, SetDefultView, SubmitToDbxl, XmlToJson.
  • Anonymous submit – support external users who may not have access to your internal SharePoint site

2014-07 - Version 1.0 released

  • Textboxes
  • Dropdowns
  • Calculated Values
  • Datepickers (partial support)
  • Repeating tables/sections – allows adding rows to the end, but not deleting or inserting between rows
  • Layout tables
  • Rule buttons
  • Submit buttons
  • Check boxes
  • Enhanced Date Picker
  • Picture Attachments
  • Insert/Delete function on repeating sections
  • Custom Title Column
Data Connections
  • SharePoint library submit data connections
  • SharePoint library submit data connections
  • Open existing documents
  • Query resource file xml
  • Query SharePoint Lists
  • Load data from secondary data source on form load
  • Filtering SharePoint list connections
  • Conditional visibility/formatting – hide and show sections of your form
  • Static images
  • Background images/colors
  • Close the form
  • Assignment rules
  • Expression popups
  • Switch views
  • Execute SharePoint submit
  • Default values – Partial support
  • Improved 2DS functionality – rules and values that function from 2DS field
  • Form Load rules
  • userName
  • O365 app
  • SharePoint 2013 app
  • SharePoint 2013 Foundation (available on request)

2014 March

Beta released


2013 December

Alpha released