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Free your forms for new creative applications!
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Make Your SharePoint Forms Shine!

With Minimal Effort, Maximum Benefit

Qdabra, with the most experienced SharePoint engineers, offers Qdabra Forms as an InfoPath alternative.

Need workflow, Report, or site health checks?
Leverage our experience in Power Automate, PowerBI, PowerApps, etc.

Minimal Migration Workload from InfoPath

Most InfoPath Forms Works as is in Qdabra Forms

Qdabra, the most experienced InfoPath engineers, has created the environment that all your InfoPath forms have new lives.

Microsoft shipped the last version of InfoPath in SharePoint 2016 and Office Online has been gradually discontinuing the features. Qdabra Forms is the only app that preserves your existing InfoPath investment.

Thousands of InfoPath forms migrated to Qdabra Forms since 2015.

Powerful Features Available for Your Forms

SQL Database & SharePoint Integration, PDF Generation, Modern Styles, JavaScript Extension

Extend your solution with 60 powerful commands! Qdabra's qRules command library enables rich features that InfoPath is missing.

Qdabra Forms is not just an app for forms. You can build dashboards, complex applications, and solutions.


Create Complex, Scalable Solutions with Less Effort

Best for Highly Complex and Demanding Solutions

In conjunction with Qdabra’s DBXL Web Service, Qdabra Forms supports highly scalable data collection. Whether it’s 100 or 1,000 submits per hour, Qdabra Forms and DBXL handle your business process needs.

Qdabra Forms enables easy access to your form data from SQL for all your reporting needs – with the DBXL web service, you can create fast and flexible mappings between your form XML and your data tables.

What Do I Get?

InfoPath Replacement
Starts from your existing InfoPath forms. No changes needed for most forms
SharePoint Connections
Easily query from and save to SharePoint
Database Connection
Easily query from and save to SQL database
Repeating Items
Repeating tables and fields handling and mapping to SharePoint or SQL
Anonymous Access
Public website can host Qdabra Forms with intranet data connection
Mobile Friendly
Make existing forms look great on mobile devices
Qdabra Form Designer
Web-based designer to edit views, fields, rules, and add rich features
Modern Style with CSS
Customize style and layout with the power of CSS
Customize with JavaScript
Anything you can do with JavaScript including REST API access

Customer's Voice

“Three years ago, after searching for an InfoPath replacement, we chose Qdabra for our organization. Since then, we have had the opportunity to work with an amazing team of experts that have guided us through our Forms migration to SharePoint online. We are making wonderful progress with our migrated forms and development of new forms. They are such an amazing team. Their support is top notch and they have been amazing with new development.”

Richard, Prestonwood

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“Greylock has been using a number of Qdabra’s tools and services in our efforts to modernize our SharePoint Intranet. Their tools are rock solid and work exactly as advertised, however it’s really their customer focus and support that sets them well above the rest. Qdabra’s responsiveness to our inquires and requests is unparalleled, whether it be a simple question or a complex solution. They make us feel like we have our own personal development team at Qdabra who truly care that issues not only get solved, but also understood.”

Jeremy, Greylock

Qdabra Forms

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New Life for your InfoPath Forms

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