Would you like a simple, cost-effective solution to continue using your existing InfoPath forms and make them work better?


We love InfoPath but Microsoft shipped the last version of support for browser forms in SharePoint 2016. So, we have created a path forward. You can keep your business processes running and even extend them. We call our app “FormsViewer”.


Why FormsViewer?

  • Migrate your forms in place, i.e. “as is” – no change to templates nor data (you can even keep InfoPath as an edit option)
  •  Enter data more quickly – forms run faster in the browser because we’ve removed the “sending data to server” for form logic
  •  Speed up your design process – no more “Publish” required; just drag and drop your templates to SharePoint for rapid testing and deployment
  •  Add missing functionality – we’ve included most popular qRules extensions without requiring the sandbox code service (nor qRules)
  •  No license fees – works with SharePoint Foundation and supports external user access for O365 sites
  • Available now – start planning your forms future with Qdabra’s support have standing by to help you

Future proof your forms today with minimal cost:

  • Protects your form if something happens to InfoPath suddenly
  • Supports InfoPath fall back – installs alongside InfoPath so you can use that as a backup
  • Qdabra is continually improving FormsViewer and we release fixes and updates every month

Free Trial Available

Pricing and Purchase

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