FormsViewer: The Future of Forms, an InfoPath Alternative


Microsoft shipped the last version of InfoPath in SharePoint 2016 and Office Online has discontinued the feature. Qdabra’s FormsViewer is the only app that preserves and extends your existing InfoPath investment.

Why FormsViewer?
  • Migrate your forms in place, i.e. “as is” – no change to templates or data (you can keep InfoPath as an edit option)
  • Enter data more quickly, forms run faster in the browser because we’ve removed the “sending data to server” for form logic
  • Speed up your design process, no more “Publish” required; just drag and drop your templates to SharePoint for rapid testing and deployment
  • Add missing functionality – we’ve included the most popular qRules extensions without requiring the sandbox code service (nor qRules)
  • Reduces SharePoint license fees – works with SharePoint Foundation and supports external user access for O365 sites
  • Protect your process from sudden InfoPath changes – FormsViewer installs side-by-side alongside InfoPath so you can use both options until InfoPath breaks
  • Responsive Mobile Design - make existing forms look great on mobile devices
  • Available now - take control of your form's future; Qdabra has your back
What is FormsViewer?
  • Provider-hosted SharePoint app – follows best practice design for SharePoint
  • Public Azure service - Qdabra Form Services (QFS) is hosted on Microsoft Azure
  • Scalable - QFS is a multi-region, load-balanced and highly available service
  • Secure - QFS does not store form data; only template files (XSNs) for performance caching are stored on the server
  • Maintained - Qdabra updates QFS once per quarter to bring you the latest improvements and features
  • No client-side install required - add the FormsViewer app to your site and enable your existing form libraries and Web parts
  • Source code available for review - 
  • On-Premise versions available - download QFS for SharePoint On-Premise installations here
Future-proof your Forms - End the InfoPath Uncertainty
  • Insurance - FormsViewer protects your form if InfoPath suddenly breaks
  • Zero Impact - FormsViewer installs alongside InfoPath and you can continue using both; no impact to existing process
  • Save SharePoint Licensing Fees - FormsViewer provides external access to your forms on Office Online and even works with SharePoint Foundation
  • Full Kaizen - Qdabra continually improves FormsViewer with quarterly releases
Get Started

The majority of forms migrate with no modification. Upload your forms today to find out the good, the bad, and the ugly. That's right, our diagnostics tool gives you a full analysis of your form. It also provides a quick summary of whether it will migrate as-is or require minor modifications. Qdabra guarantees all forms will migrate to FormsViewer.

What’s New in Version 3.1?


  • Forms Designer – added features
    • Data Connections – create and edit SharePoint Library Submits and Queries
    • Resource Files – add new resource files
    • UI improvements – Mapping and Rule Editor tabs
  • File Attachments and Pictures
    • Add files or pictures via drag and drop
  • qRules Commands
    • Prompt – use a dialog to prompt users for input
    • RegisterMultiDrop – support dropping multiple file attachments
    • CreateSharePointFolder – support for creating folders multiple levels deep
    • Transform – support for storing results as a file attachment
  • People Picker
    • Usability improvements for multi-person people picker dialog
  • Data Connections – REST Query
    • Query SharePoint’s REST API using XML File or REST connections
  • Bug Fixes
    • Rich Text – tabbing out of fields duplicated contents in some cases
    • SharePoint list data connections – query Lookup columns that allow multiple selections
    • Upload Template page – navigating from a link showed error in some cases
    • Calculated Values – scrollbars were showing when Wrap Text property disabled
    • Update Form action – list forms failed to load correctly
    • Manage Templates page – open counts did not correctly increment
      • Added count to show total opens across all sites in tenancy
    • Mapping to SharePoint lists tab
      • Existing mappings were not correctly detected
      • Failed to load mappings in some cases
      • Incorrectly overwrote mapping files in some cases
    • Rule Editor tab – corrected “Don’t Run Remaining Rules” option

See Version History....


"The Road to Replacing InfoPath 2013. One alternative exists in the guise of FormsViewer, a free, feature-rich replacement for InfoPath. Compatible with existing InfoPath forms, FormsViewer was earlier this week upgraded to version 1.23 ”

Myriad Technologies
blog, November 2016

“Outgrowing SharePoint lists early on in our CRM project forced us to look at alternative solutions. Patrick and his team listened to our needs and developed a solution with FormsViewer and SQL. FormsViewer added features that we lost in the O365 out-of-box environment and will address our continuing growth. We found our partner for the future!”

Mark McLean, CPA,
Modern Remodeling, Inc.

“We are really happy with FormsViewer. The speed improvement has made things much better for our clients.”

Shane L. Harvey, CRPC®,
Director of Outsourcing Services,
Key Management Group


Free trial download available!

See also FormsViewer Installation Guide

Free Trial Download


Office 365 app pricing is based on usage and is per site. No limit on the number of users.

Free Basic Standard Enterprise
Subscription Fee N/A $69 / month $149 / month $299 / month
Annual Subscription N/A $700 / year $1,500 / year $3,000 / year
Form Opens 200 / month 500 opens / month 2,000 opens / month Unlimited
$100 $900 $8,000 $75,000
Form Opens 1,000 opens 10,000 opens 100,000 opens 1,000,000 opens
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SharePoint On-Premise pricing is based on solution support hours for installation assistance and regular monthly maintenance. These hours do not expire and can be used for anything (form modification, server support, issue investigation, etc.).

Support Plans
Plan Level Price Hours
Basic $2,500 16
Standard $5,000 32
Enterprise $10,000 64
VIP $20,000 128
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System Requirements

  • SharePoint 2013 or, 2016 (Including SharePoint Online)
    • No sandbox required
  • Forms created in InfoPath Designer

Most qRules commands are now supported by FormsViewer. Please submit your forms for compatibility evaluation.

Submit Form for Compatibility Evaluation


We recommend purchasing four hours of support for initial deployments.

Service support plans can also be purchased to assist you with form modifications needed to meet compatibility with FormsViewer.