Support - Pay As You Go


Pay As You Go Support options are available for certain situations or issues. Choose from the following options or contact us to discuss your support needs.

Product Support

All of Qdabra’s products come with Standard Software Assurance for a period of one year (or 3 years for perpetual licenses). If you are outside of your software assurance period or you require additional product support hours, you can purchase non-urgent pay as you go support packs.

Trial Customers

If you need support for a trial version of DBXL, qRules or other Qdabra product, be sure to first check our Self-Help Support and Free Support options. If you require more urgent assistance, you can purchase non-urgent pay as you go support packs.

Solution Assurance (Consulting Support)

If you are an existing Qdabra Consulting Customer with an active Solutions Assurance plan and require additional support hours than your plan provides, you can purchase pay as you go support packs.

If you do not have a current support plan, please visit this page for solution assurance and support options.

Misc. Support

If the type of support you need is not listed here, contact us to discuss your specific support needs.

If you are interested in retaining Qdabra for a consulting project, visit this page for more information, or contact us to schedule a free consultation.

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