Qdabra InfoPath Accelerator (qRules)

Add missing features to your InfoPath forms – qRules adds the power of code with the convenience of rules.

Top Features

Migration & Maintenance

Make it easy to move your form from one site to another

  • Dynamically determine data connections based on form location
  • Change the submit URL based on form location

Images and Files

Reduce size of XML, faster open times, edit files from outside of InfoPath

  • Save images or attachments as links to your SharePoint library or separate Web server
  • Use SharePoint lists instead of libraries to offload images and files

SharePoint Lists

Keep your list and form library in sync

  • Copy from a SharePoint list to your form
  • Supports filtered query for faster form open time
  • Save your form fields to a SharePoint list
  • Update you forms fields when changes are made to a list
  • Supports repeating data, images, rich text, and more

Form Diagnostics

Display form status, clear errors, control save/submit, etc.

  • Check for processing instruction, whether form is new, changes have been made or if there are validation errors
  • Control save/submit features and locations
  • Create unique names for your forms
  • Calculate time between two dates and complete special formatting for your dates

Table Support

Copy data from external sources into your main data source

  • Insert or delete rows from your main data source using buttons
  • Sort your table based on columns
  • Set row values in your table using filters

Save and Submit

Change the location where your form was submitted

  • Change title of your form when it opens
  • Clone your form to create a new copy (prevents overwriting existing)
  • Disable file->save and submit using rules
  • Redirect where your form saves or submits