Qdabra InfoPath Accelerator (qRules)

Add missing features to your InfoPath forms – qRules adds the power of code with the convenience of rules.

What Our Customers Say

I love qRules!

"I LOVE qRules! It has solved so many little things for me and allowed me to create all in one forms that do awesome things."

Juli R..

Helped me to create sophisticated forms

"Qdabra qRules has been wonderful and has helped me create much more sophisticated forms. Thank you!"

Evan F.

qRules have made me a "Rock Star"

"I am truly amazed at how truly powerful the qRules is and how they can make an average InfoPath form, very powerful. I have used qRules for the better part of this year and can truly say qRules have made me a 'Rock Star' due to the capabilities of what my InfoPath forms can do. The more I use qRules, the more excited I get because qRules allows me to create/develop forms that rival true code based applications. Thank you Qdabra!"

Chris N.

Saved 20 man-days!

"Just wanted to let you know, that I successfully bought the product and I am just so happy with it. Great Product! To give you an idea, basically I am now done with a project, that I planned to work on 20 more man-days. It is not just the local coding I save, also I planned a few WebServices to code in a Virtual Machine Environment and so on."

Michael, Germany

Qdabra really supercharges InfoPath

"We just deployed a solution using Qdabra qRules that enabled us to overcome a major challenge. Thank you! Fantastic Support!"

Ken P.

Highly recommend taking it for a spin

"qRules is an awesome product and has solved a lot of our form problems. This seamless product not only provided a perfect solution for our company, but has allowed us to rethink how we design forms in the future. If you're not using qRules yet, I highly recommend taking it for a spin."

Ryan M.

Our client was very pleased with the end result

“I am very impressed with qRules v2. I just built a proof of concept InfoPath form for a client that submits data to a SharePoint list using the trial. They were very pleased with the end result and are purchasing a license of qRules today.”

Doug Blackmon
Project Engineer, Alabama Technology Network (ATN)

qRules has got to be the best thing ever invented!

“Got to tell you, for someone developing web based forms with no programming skills, an idea and a do it yourself attitude, qRules has got to be the best thing ever invented.
I have spent days if not weeks trawling the internet looking for solutions to problems probably considered “bread and butter” to any programmer, then along comes qRules. It takes the pain away and works brilliantly. Thank you."

GP Australia