Qdabra DBXL Client

Synchronize InfoPath forms to your laptop and fill them out when you are offline – no server install required!


Connect SharePoint Forms to External Users

Qdabra’s DBXL Client bridges the gap between your intranet site and external users. With DBXL Client, your offline users can receive forms via e-mail and fill them out locally, run reports and e-mail the results back to your central SharePoint site. Users who have access to your site can also download forms directly, fill them out offline and email them back to the SharePoint form library.

DBXL Client supports offline reporting. Quickly map your form’s repeating data into your database with our easy-to-use mapping tool. Pull the data into Excel for dynamic reports and pivots.

When integrated with DBXL Server, DBXL Client supports conflict resolution and filtered synchronization. When two users edit the same form and upload, DBXL Server correctly identifies conflicts and prompts the user for overwrite or abandon save. With our filtered synchronization feature, administrators can configure each DBXL Client to only download forms relevant to the respective laptop user.

DBXL Client Diagram


System Requirements

  • Windows: XP Professional, Vista, or 7
  • SQL Server or SQL Express ( free download from Microsoft)
  • Access to a SharePoint or DBXL Server site

DBXL Client Summary Chart

Price: $995 for Single Client License.

  DBXL Client
Price $995
Installations Allowed 1
InfoPath Designer Form Templates (XSNs) Unlimited
InfoPath Filler Forms (XMLs) Unlimited
Active Directory Web service (ADWS) No
Installation and Configuration Support Included 1 hour
Annual License Renewal $245


Contact UsVolume discounts available for 5 or more licenses. Please contact us for Trial Version and more information.


  Volume discount
5 or more licenses 20% off
10 or more licenses 30% off
20 or more licenses 40% off
40 or more licenses 50% off

Please contact us for more information.

Note: At this time we only support synchronization with SharePoint libraries. We are working on an update to DBXL Client that will allow you to synchronize with local or network folders.