InfoPath Detailing Service

Make your form shine with Qdabra’s Detailing Service! Simply send us your InfoPath form templates - we will analyze them and send you a report.


Detailing Report Includes:

  • Best Practices – Did you follow best practices when creating your form? Is your data source well-structured? Here we list best practices that your form may be missing.
  • Performance – Can you form’s performance be improved? Here we provide a quick summary of ways to make your form faster.
  • Cost of Ownership – How can you simplify your form to reduce maintenance costs down the road? Here we show you several ways to simplify your form while keeping it’s functionality.
  • Security – Does your form have security issues? Here we show the results of the quick threat analysis we perform.
  • Visual Design – Can your form’s design and usability improve? Here our UI gurus recommend improvements for your form’s look and feel.

detailing ServiceSee an example report here (pdf).


  • Compact Forms: $149 per Form
    • 1 ~ 3 views and less than 40 fields
  • More Complex Forms: $299 per Form
    • More than 3 views or equal or more than 40 Fields

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Getting Started

To schedule an appraisal, contact us and send us your XSN file.