Qdabra InfoPath Accelerator (qRules)

Add missing features to your InfoPath forms – qRules adds the power of code with the convenience of rules.


Enable Advanced InfoPath Features – no coding required!

Many simple actions in InfoPath require code – such as sorting tables, populating repeating tables from secondary sources or submitting InfoPath form data to a SharePoint list. qRules enables you to add the code that is needed to complete many actions without having to work with the code yourself!

With More than 100 Commands – qRules saves you time!

qRules contains commonly requested functions accessible through rules instead of code. We’ve extended qRules to do things that aren’t even available in InfoPath today – such as encrypting fields. With this software, you can quickly prototype and publish forms with no dependency on developers or IT staff.

  • Convert images and attachments to links in your SharePoint document library
  • Connect your forms with SharePoint lists
  • Copy values from one table to another
  • Encrypt sensitive data in your form
  • And much more…

Familiar Interface - add qRules using InfoPath Designer!

qRules makes it simple to add code to your InfoPath forms. Just add a new rule to the user interface in InfoPath to add in the qRules code. There is no need to write code or even understand our code to utilize this tool. For more experienced developers, using qRules means deploying InfoPath forms faster and more reliably than compiling and testing your own code.

Video Tutorials

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