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Qdabra products fill gaps in the InfoPath and SharePoint story. We have tools and Web services to help unblock and speed up your project.

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View and edit existing forms without InfoPath

Future proof your forms without extra time and money outlays...

  • FormsViewer is a simple, low cost way to continue using your InfoPath forms.
  • Minimal cost to migrate existing forms (and reduces maintenance cost moving forward)
  • Extend InfoPath forms without code – tpolular qRules commands are included and no sandbox is required
  • Free trial available
Qdabra qRules

Add advanced logic with simple rules!

Looking to extend your InfoPath form? qRules plug-in paves your way...

  • qRules is a library of frequently requested features for InfoPath
  • Helps fill the gaps so you don't need to hire a developer
  • Free trial available
DBXL (Qdabra Database Accelerator Suite)

Complete InfoPath Solutions Faster!

Looking to broaden your InfoPath capabilities? DBXL helps you get there...

  • No custom code– this reduces maintenance cost!
  • Workflow and offline support means practical convenience
  • Includes a full suite of Web methods to handle all your data query
    and submit needs
  • Free trial available

Web Services

Reporting on your eForms has never been easier than with Qdabra's Database Accelerator Suite.

Synchronize InfoPath forms to your laptop and fill them out when you are offline – no server install required!

Deploy this web service and quickly get access to Active Directory information, like the currently logged in user.

Apps & Tools

A low cost way to continue using your InfoPath forms in web browser.

Add missing features to your InfoPath forms – qRules adds the power of code with the convenience of rules.

Create an InfoPath XML file for each row in your spreadsheet!

Migrate data in your InfoPath forms to columns in one or more SharePoint lists!

Leave Request Form

Automate your leave request process with SharePoint

InfoPath Templates

Kick start your business processes with Qdabra's InfoPath Starter Template.

Add multiple contacts to your form – without code & without ActiveX.

Add electronic signatures – without the hassle of setting up digital signatures!

Automatically check-in and check-out your browser-based InfoPath forms in SharePoint 2010 or later

Add vertical tabs to many InfoPath form templates – in a single click!

Quickly add address and contact blocks to your form with smart links.


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