Qdabra’s Electronic Signature XTP

Add electronic signatures – without the hassle of setting up digital signatures!

Qdabra’s Electronic Signature Template Part package now includes a UDC (Universal Data Connection) – which means it’s even easier to deploy! Update the UDC with your SharePoint list and library links and start proving authorization your InfoPath forms even faster!


Electronic Sigature Image
  • Customizable control for your InfoPath forms - both browser and client
  • Users enters PIN and InfoPath replaces with their signature image
  • Great alternative to digital signatures - no digital certificates required


  • InfoPath 2007 or Later - template parts (XTPs) are not supported in InfoPath 2003
    • Note: InfoPath 2007 does not support displaying images in web browser forms, however, does work for DisplaySignedBy field and uses italic font to display name.
    • Important: custom controls do not work with InfoPath customized SharePoint list forms. Please use Signature XTP for SharePoint library forms.
  • SharePoint 2007, 2010, 2013 or O365 Lists - securely store PINs and signature images
  • Scanned-in Signatures and User Aliases - to create above lists
    • Handwritten signatures not available? Use placeholder images created using emphasized text.

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